PowerSaver is a fuel and battery efficiency improvement device for automobiles. It has been designed and tested successfully by various authorities in the South Korean government and experts at KIA, Daewoo, Hyundai and others. It truly saves fuel and power.  Upon installation of the PowerSaver, you can sense that your car shows better performance with increased battery efficiency. After 10 hours of accumulated driving (around 1,000 km after installation), you may see the following effects:

-        Fuel economy up, saves fuel

-        More engine power for engine start-up

-        Better responsiveness of the middle, low speed torque

-        Comfortable riding

-        Alternator (alternating current generator’s) torque-load decrease, charging efficiency up

-        Better battery power in even high load

-        Car audio and AV system performs much better than before

-        Battery durability increases (about twice)

-        Better light brightness

-        Harmful emission decrease, eco-friendly

We assure you of your satisfaction. We strongly believe that this product will not only provide driving satisfaction but also save on fuel cost.



Outline Functions and Advantages

Battery is a device which converts chemical energy into electrical energy.

Lead dioxide panel (Pbo2) and the general lead panel (Pb2) are placed facing each other in thin sulfuric acid electrolyte in the battery. Lead battery generates electricity by chemical changes.

According, as electricity discharges in the battery, and the + / – pole plates change to lead sulfate, electromotive force grows lower at the + pole.  Consequently, the density of sulfuric acid decreases and discharging stops. If the battery is charged by letting current flow toward the + pole, electromotive force will be removed, the + pole will turn into general lead and the density of thin sulfuric acid will grow thicker. But the sulfate sticking to the pole plate during the discharging cycle will not be separated but accumulated on the pole plates. If this accumulation increases, the capacity of electricity storage will decrease and the amount of electricity will also decrease, even though the battery is fully charged. If the Power Saver is connected to +, - terminal of the battery, sulfate sticking to the pole plates by pulse signal will be broken down into molecular levels and the much cleaner pole plates will enable the capacity of the battery to improve. Therefore, the PowerSaver will provide stable electricity and extend the useful life of battery.




The following effects will be shown 10 hours after the PowerSaver is installed.



·       The rotating load of alternator (AC generator) decreases and charging efficiency is improved.

·        The response of middle-low torque is improved.

·       Battery power is maintained in heavy load

·       When starting engine, power is upgraded

·       The performance of car Audio/ Video system is upgraded.

·       Brightness of light is improved.

·       Engine control is stably operated.

·       Pleasant driving

·       Fuel efficiency is improved and accordingly, fuel is saved.

·       The useful life of battery is extended (about two times).

·       Environment  is protected by reducing exhaust fumes.

·       Emergency for various vehicle communication equipment (for black out)


If the performance of battery is lower than 40%, it can be restored as a new one.



Better performance and less cost on fuel purchase!!!         


Product Name

Power Saver


Sales Date



Warranty Period

1 year from purchase date

Telephone No.



1.     This is a product made through quality management and strict inspection regulated by electrical appliances safety control act.

2.     This product will be repaired for free in case it is out of order when the customer has used it normally under warranty.

3.     The following cases will be excluded for compensability:

a)     Low performance and failure after warranty period.

b)     In case damage is caused by user’s negligence.

c)     The product will not be refunded or exchanged if it is out of order when it is in the wrong electric capacity or voltage.

d)     In case the product is out of order by natural disaster.


4.     The repair of the product will be charged except warranty.

5.     The letter of warranty should be presented if repair is required.



Installation and check points

1.     Put in the product in the electrical socket in your car.

2.     If you turn on the ignition to ACC mode, electric power will be applied and the battery voltage will be displayed on power supply panel. If the battery voltage is lower than 11.7V, it will be in bad state, signaling the changes for batteries. If the battery voltage is more than 12V, it will be in good state.

3.     If you start the engine, more than 13.2 voltage will be displayed. If the voltage decreases lower than 12V while driving, do not hesitate to visit car repair shop and check if the voltage of electricity generated by generator.

4.     Install this product, turn the ignition to ACC mode and record the voltage displayed on Power Saver. If the voltage increases more than the recorded voltage before driving when turning the ignition to ACC mode after you installed the product and drive the car more than 10 hours of accumulated driving, the battery capacity will be improved just like a new one. It is the evidence of fuel efficiency improvement and exhausted fume reduction by supplying rated voltage.