8 Tray Food Drying Machine Stainless Steel Fruit Dryer

$247.37 (219,16 €) each Width: 35 m
Length: 30 m
Height: 32 m

Brief introduction:
The fruit drying machine is suitable for fruit, vegetable, meat, fish, herbs and etc. And it is perfect to make snacks for pets.
Product features:
Energy saving, low power consumption and can dry vegetables, fruits, herbs, beans, meat, fish, bread, mushrooms and so on. With hot wind to dry them, no pigment or adhesive or flavor is added. At the same time, the nutrition remains and the keeping time is longer. It is convenient to make natural food with rich flavor for individual or family. It is more easy to keep and more flavor(dried fruit is different with fresh fruit for it is dried and it contains mineral objects and the nutrition is better locked inside). The temperature won’t exceed 100℃, it won’t break the food nutrition.
Adjustable temperature design, you can set different temperature according to different foods to reach the best.
Color: As shown of picture
Material: Stainless Steel
Vol: 100-250V~
HZ: 50/60Hz
Watt: 360W
Power consumption: ≈4hour / a kilowatt hour
Bearing layers: 8 layers
Air cycle directions: frontwards
Size:about 30x35.5x30cm
Note: We will send you a plug adapter according to your country.
Package Included:
1 Set x Food Drying Machine
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