Royale Kojic Papaya Soap

$4.24 (220,00 PHP) each Width: 3 cm
Length: 8.5 cm
Height: 5.4 cm

Product Overview

Royale Kojic Papaya Soap was professionally formulated with 2 powerful effective active ingredients used widely in the cosmetics world: Kojic Acid and Papaya Extract. This unique combination provides superior skin lightening and nourishment while rejuvenating the skin with each and every use.

How It Will Help Your Skin Become More Beautiful

  • Royale Kojic Papaya Soap effectively lightens the skin by inhibiting melanin formation.
  • Rejuvenates the skin with the help of mild exfoliation.
  • Helps remove pimples by reducing excess oil, killing bacteria and removing dirt that irritates the skin.
  • Perfect for whole body skin lightening, dark underarms, inner thighs, bikini area and other intimate areas.
  • Diminishes dark spots caused by excessive pigmentation (melasma, freckles and other pigmentation)

Other product features:

  • Mild scent and fragrance perfect for your everyday shower.
  • Impeccable packaging that you can use as a soap dish.
  • Royale Kojic Papaya Soap also doesn’t melt easily and lasts longer than the average soap.
  • 2009 FINAT International Label Competition winner
  • Awarded Superbrands in 2008
  • Exclusively manufactured by Royalè Business Club International Inc. Proudly Pinoy brand!
  • Registered with the Food and Drug Administration and certified by Halal.
  • 100% safe and effective to use.


Why choose Royale Kojic Papaya Soap?

1. It delivers results – We get it. You want something that will lighten your skin, eliminate your pimples and other skin problems that stop you from feeling beautiful and being confident with yourself. This soap promises to deliver quick results within 6-12 weeks of using it daily. With this Royale Kojic Papaya, you can only expect nothing but a fairer skin free from pimples & dark spots.

2. It is affordable – For only ₱180.00 you’ll get a 130g bar of soap that can last for up to 4 weeks on conservative use for full body bath and up to 3 months if only used on face. This soap provides great value for money. It works fast but it doesn’t melt easily.

3. It is compatible to almost every skin type and ethnicity – Some kojic soaps are too strong and harms the skin instead of making it better. Some are too weak and slow in delivering results. Royalè Kojic Papaya is the one with perfect formulation. It has a great balance of strength and fragrance that you’d surely love to use daily without suffering from intense drawbacks.



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