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What is JetShop24?

JetShop24 is the Global platform for transferable payment for Africans or anyone across Europe, United States, Asia, Canada or any part of the world. By combining both the online and mortar facets of retail, we provide users with a way to transfer purchasing power to family and friends with full control of how much money they spend, in addition to what it is spent on if desired. Gift Cards/Vouchers in a vast array of denominations are provided to users. Upon purchase, the user may disburse this Gift Card/Voucher to anyone in the countries where JetShop24 stores operate. At any of the corresponding JetShop24 stores, the value of the gift card can be used to purchase items from groceries to building supplies.

In addition, Jetshop24 offers products that can be shipped nearly world wide, and on top of all, you can pay the bills of loved ones, like electricity, telecommunication and water!

Jetshop24 is you all in one shopping solution, truly transferring your buying power!


How It Works



Advantages of JetShop24

Convenience - You can purchase Gift Cards/Vouchers at the click of a button, from the comfort of your home or whilst on the move, 24 hours a day.

Control - You chose the Gift Card/Vouchers denomination and in certain cases, Gift Cards can be purchased for specific goods such as building supplies, mobile phone credits or even electricity units.

Security - Every purchased Gift Card/Voucher is valid in any shop in the destination country that accepts the Jetshop24 Gift Cards/Vouchers.  The cards retain value until it is finally redeemed.  It does not expire!  Every Gift Card/Voucher bears a unique reference number which is stored in a database. The recipient is identified by code, personal proof of identification etc., to be sure the intended recipient receives the gift.

Currency Flexibility - All gift cards are purchased in U.S. Dollars or Pounds or Euros, and can be redeemed in goods equivalent to the value of the Gift cards/Vouchers.

Competitive Service Fee - JetShop24 guarantees lowest per transfer of purchase value or Gift Card/Voucher, and in some cases, the service is absolutely free depending on the type of card and recipient country. 






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